Bachelor Party in Vienna

Looking for a club where you can hold a full-blown Bachelor Party? Our escort agency is ran by Maxim Wien, a huge name among brothels and nightclubs in Vienna. If you want to invite your friends to a crazy party with sexy women and lots of booze, then we are awaiting your call!

There were huge events held in the nightclub section of Maxim including a rap battle, porn star galas and other parties. We have a spacious club area for you where the more people you invite, the more money you will save.

Celebrate the last day being single with beautiful girls who are ready for lapdances, stripteases, and more. With our professional management, we can set up a Bachelor Party for you in a drop of a hat. Booking our place for the occasion is as straightforward as it gets.

All you need to do is to provide us with all the details and everything will be set before you arrive. You can fill out our online form and there are three different ways to contact us: via Facebook, e-mail or phone. Now let’s see how your Bachelor Party will look like in detail!

The All Inclusive Bachelor Party Experience in Maxim Wien

Vienna Brothel Maxim is the place where hot girls are always there to take the vibe to a higher level. Our Maxim girls are more than eager to please you and your friends during the party. Our girls are hard to resist, especially as the party starts to heat up with all the flirting and lap dances.

We have plenty of rooms to choose from for those who want to spend some time with the girls in private. Our comfortable standard, VIP and Super VIP rooms are there whenever you or your guests need them. Maxim always had a powerful lineup of girls who are top performers when it comes to the Vienna paysex scene.

Bachelor Party in Night Club Maxim Wien
Spend your Bachelor Party in Night Club Maxim Wien

Get ready for a full-blown sex party that is going to last for many hours. We can guarantee you that everything that happens in Maxim, stays between our walls. It is the perfect setting where you can live for the moment and spend some quality time with complete discretion.

After all, there is no better thing to do before getting confined by the rules of marriage than to enjoy your freedom for the last time. The things that happen during your Bachelor Party are going to turn into stories that you can bring up with your friends for years to come.

You are going to be more than pleased with our club setting, the drinks we provide and the upbeat music that is going to set the vibes. The true adult bachelor party awaits you. Are you ready?

Invite as Many Friends as You Can for Our Discount Packages

At Maxim, our packages are made to encourage you to invite as many people as you can. Inviting more friends to the Bachelor Party will only make our drinks cheaper. This is your opportunity to make a crazy party happen with lots of booze. Here is a list of our discounts:

  • Invite a minimum of 8 people – Get a 10% discount on drinks
  • Or a minimum of 15 people – 15% discount on drinks
  • Or a minimum of 20 people – 20% discount on drinks
  • Or a minimum of 25 people – 25% discount on drinks

Also, each package comes with an erotic Lapdance exclusively for you that will cost you only 120 EUR.

Our Girls are Also Available for Hotel Escort

If you or any of your guests would rather invite a Maxim girl to a hotel room, then all you need to do is ask. Besides working at the club, our girls are also available for Escort Vienna. We know that not everyone wants to bring an escort girl to the room while being drunk at a crazy Bachelor Party.

While some guests take the opportunity, others simply want to enjoy drinking and partying with their friends. Meanwhile, the girls are there to spice up the party a bit and accompany them. However, the day after the Bachelor Party is a perfect time to invite a girl you liked to your hotel room.

We at Escort Girls Vienna are awaiting your call. Inform us about the type of service you want and we will make sure our girl arrives in time. Then you can spend some pleasant hours with our luxury escort lady. Our escort service also allows you to spend time with a quality woman without the buzz of a full-blown party.

For further details about the club and contact information, visit the Maxim Wien official website! However, if you are looking for a high-class escort service, then stay here on Escort Girls Vienna and check out our Escort Wien girls!

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