The Maxim VIP Club is ready!

The reason why Escort Girls Vienna is one of the best escort agencies in the city is because it is run by Nightclub Maxim Wien. If you ask any experienced monger about the top brothels there, then they are surely going to mention this club.

It is famous for its crazy parties, exclusive offers and, of course, the Maxim Girls who provide services that meet the highest standards. Now we are here to announce that the Maxim VIP program is ready and you can have a slice of the cake too by joining it.

Join the Maxim VIP Club and Enjoy its Benefits

Since February1st, 2020, Maxim has its own reward system. Having fun with the girls at Maxim in private or via our escort agency as a VIP Member opens you the door to further benefits. You will not only get Maxim points for using these services but also for online participation.

The best part is that you don’t even need to do anything in order to get some of the benefits. You only need to become a Maxim VIP member. From then on, you will be well-informed about the girls and become a part of the Maxim Insider community as well.

Whenever a new girl joins the club, you will be the first one to know about it. There is no need to check the Maxim website over and over again in hope of seeing a new girl there. You will gain exclusive access with more photos of the girls and detailed information about their services.

Register Your Maxim VIP Account for Free

In order to become a Maxim VIP member, all you need to do is to sign up online. It is completely free and it is a simple first step toward the exclusive benefits the club has to offer. While the registration requires you to provide plenty of information, none of the details about you will be published.

login and register buttons in Maxim VIP website header
find the new buttons in Maxim website header

They will remain anonymous and protected so that only the Maxim management can see it. You can start the registration process by visiting the Nightclub website and clicking the Register button. After that, it will only take a couple of simple steps until you officially become a Maxim VIP member.

You will have your own login credentials that you can use to access your profile whenever you want. On your profile, you can see how many points you have and what you can use them for. The page will also show you how to get more Maxim points.

How to Collect Points Online as a Maxim VIP Member?

Maxim has created a system that made it easy as pie to collect VIP points online. We are going to show you how to earn more and more points each day just by completing a few simple tasks. First off, you need to fully complete your Maxim profile by filling out all the required fields.

maxim vip dashboard
Maxim VIP deashboard

Once you’re done, you will already have +10  Maxim VIP points on your account. Then, you can get +5 points for each Maxim girl that you rated on the website. But this is not the only way you can get bonus points for your valuable opinion.

Rate Maxim on a few given websites and you can get +10 points for each of them. Click here to find out where you can rate the club! Signing up for the newsletter will provide plenty of value for you in of itself but you get +10 points for it as well as a cherry on top.

Finally, if you notice any errors on the Maxim official website, then feel free to report them. These can be typos, buttons that are not working properly, broken links or missing details that should be there.

How to Collect Maxim VIP Points Offline?

As we already mentioned, the Maxim VIP system makes sure that every time you use the club’s services, you will be rewarded. Whether you go to the room with a Maxim Girl or book one of the luxury escort girls, you get +10 VIP points. Since Bar Schrönbrunn is also ran by Maxim, you can earn points there too.

As you can see, there are so many ways to collect points that you can easily collect a couple hundred of them. And this is only the beginning. There will be even more ways to earn them in the future, including social media contributions and surveys.

Redeem Your Points at Any Time

You are welcome to turn your points into something valuable by visiting the Maxim Nightclub. Exchange your points for the voucher of your choice and enjoy its benefits. There are various vouchers to choose from and each of them guarantees you even more fun in Maxim!

By becoming a Maxim VIP member, you will be able to enjoy the same high-quality services as before knowing that there is always a reward waiting for you around the corner. The sooner you join, the sooner you can start earning points and enjoying the benefits that the vouchers lend you.

Find out what it is like to be the part of the Maxim Community where your feedback is always rewarded. Click here to start: Club Maxim

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